How Efficient is GRP Grating

Number one priority when laying down a floor, especially in a public space or a work space with a high volume of people, is safety. It is paramount in today's world to ensure that what is underfoot is the best possible material for preventing accidents.

Glass Reinforced Plastic grating or GRP is a very effective, relatively new alternative to other types of flooring material. Its versatility and durability makes the engineered composite a great all-purpose flooring solution and, as it is incredibly hard-wearing, it is a cost-saving choice that will last for a very long time with little to no maintenance or replacement required.

Outside venues which need to be constantly protected from all types of weather can benefit from laying down GRP floors as the material is weatherproof with very good drainage; come rain or shine it will resist the elements. Its high friction properties mean that it is an anti-slip material and therefore excellent for areas where a lot of people may walk around, run around or gather together such as pools, schools or large events. Factories where it also needs to have a high resistance to fire can use Phenolic GRP to withstand the high temperatures that the areas where it is used may reach.

The flooring panels are simple to install and lock together tightly so a GRP floor stays well in place for a long time. The lightweight quality means it is quick and easy to lay and once it is down, there are extremely low maintenance costs.

GRP flooring has been developed with the end user in mind and is the right choice for any surface which needs the best possible, secure, covering. Marina decks, staircases, ladders and any well-used floors in places where people need safety-assured facilities can all be fitted out with fiberglass grating; cut to fit and laid to stay.